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Imaginary dream wives: My boyfriend does absolutely ridiculous shit all the time (like weird dances) in public and no one ever sees it but me. Even if we're in a crowd of people, I look around and no one is noticing these outbursts so the running gag is that he doesn't really exist and Im really just talking to myself all day. Its funny 99.999% of the time and then theres that .001% time where I pause and think I might be insane.

Somnophilia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Its a thing, apparently.

I knew a guy who had a dick that was well over a foot long. I fooled around with him for a few weeks but we never had sex and he said it was the bane of his existence, poor guy.

Artichoke Pizza is delicious. We always get the Groupon for a pie and two beers for $19 in Chelsea. But ill agree that the pepperoni is probably the "worst" one on the menu.
Having grown up in NY and NJ, it boggles my mind that other states don't sell by the slice. You can buy acres of land in Nebraska and build a mansion from scratch for what it would cost to buy an apartment in my neighborhood, but now you live in fucking Nebraska with no pizza by the slice or 24hr 7-11's. Fair trade.

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