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Originally Posted by PsychoLoco View Post
  • Jewish = a practitioner of Judaism from any country or ethnicity
  • Hebrew = ethnic Jew that can practice any or no religion at all
  • Israeli = citizen/national of the state of Israel that can practice any or no religion at all

This is very useful, I've never seen it broken down like this before. The race/ethnicity thing has always been confusing. I have non-religious jew friends who consider [Ashkenazi] jews a seperate thing from just being white and the rabbi at the chabbad house in my school sure implied the same thing.

It's hard to get people to think technically instead of just going with what they see. People don't say Barak Obama is the first Half-black president, or president of mixed race, cuz he looks black and they want to keep categories simple.

But the main point is I didn't know that sucking blood off a dick was part of a bris. Fuck that and fuck all this red tape nonsense holding the gov't back from making this something regulated by an actual hospital or agency.
also fuck that pizza place Keith. They did you wrong.
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