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Originally Posted by FingerLakes View Post
I agree with you that the word is dumb but I do think ultimately there is a fear involved behind the hate. A fear of

1)The Unknown /The Other. People are afraid of things that are different and that they don't get. "Why would you want to suck a dick? that's weird. All I know tells me men don't do that

2) and in terms of male homophobes I sincerely think there is a underlying fear of being treated the way they think women should be treated. MEN do physical things, MEN are sexually agressive and don't take no for an answer, MEN do the penetrating, MEN have the power. Then the idea of a man who does these stereotypical feminine things comes around and suddenly its the end of the world.

The idea that, if they would possibly have a man be attracted to them, then fuck them, then treat them the way they treat women, is a fear these idiots have.


I agree that there is a certain level of fear that leads to the hate. But calling it homophobia, to me, puts them on the defensive, when in fact they are the ones attacking the culture by oppressing their rights. It's been thousands of years that this is going on. It's time to get over illogical fears.
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