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Originally Posted by devohawk View Post
Regarding whether you'd disown your killer 11 year old: we know by now that bullies come from being bullied- beaten by their parents, usually. The mother shouldn't even have the option to keep her kid, the child should be taken away and counseled for whatever they'd lived through to become so violent at such a young age.

There also are situations out there where the kid was from a great home with loving and non-violent parents, but they still turned out to be killers. I believe immensely that certain surroundings can shape a person's behavior, but when is it time to blame the person who actually committed the crime instead of their surroundings/parents/religion/favorite group? Everyone wants to be a part of a group, but that particular group's ideals doesn't give pass to any individual committing crimes against humanity as a whole. ( fuck, maybe I should have passed on that last bong toke.)

But I completely agree, a good majority of these types of cases are a result of abuse by those that are supposed to love and protect them. It's too bad that a simple mental health test before anyone has kids is looked at as infringing on a person's right to reproduce. If you're a shitty and mean person, there's a good chance that your children will be as well.
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