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I agree with Keith, this guy is just a charity case. I know if I was in this guys shoes I would hate to be put in this situation. Bad enough I was embarrassed once, but lets keep bringing this situation back up? I feel bad for the guy, but I also feel it would be better if they used the money they collected for therapy to work on this dudes self-esteem. So that the next time he dances in public and a group of people laugh at him, he'll dance over to them and try to get them to dance along with him instead of shamefully hiding it. As it stands, a year from now if he is in the same situation he is just going to have the same shameful reaction punctuated with a memory of the time when a room full of young women threw a pity party for him. If there is one thing that can kill a mans ego faster than being publicly mocked its pity and especially pity from a woman.

I know the woman organizing this whole thing means well but this isn't the way to really help a guy out.
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