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Last year shortly after crossing the street I heard "fat fuck" yelled at me from a passing car. That was bad.

A hot chick in the vicinity then approached me to say "I'm sorry you had to experience that." That was worse.

Keith is right. Plucking this guy from obscurity and surrounding him with your hotness then sending him back to his crappy life does him no favors.

While we're on the topic, I feel that there have been gradual changes in how this show addresses race and sex issues, but "fat" is the one label that can still be used to diminish a person. I have heard many variences of this argument used: "Who would choose to be gay? It can be such a hard life." Why doesn't that apply to fat people? We're aware of your judgment and disgust, vocalized or not. Many of us have made many attempts to lose weight but there are genetic and psychological components to this issue that are easy to scoff at. I'm fine with discussions on health issues but repeated use of terms like "fatty" and worse seems to go against the progressive nature of your conversation.

Thanks - the fact that the fatties continue to listen says a lot about how funny this show is.
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