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I too was turning into a fat fuck over the last few years and having a child was exactly what made me stop overeating. They mimic everything and I'm not about to tell him that being fat is ok (aside from the pituituituituitui gland issues). In fact I want to make this a non issue, eating healthy is the default.

So last August me and my husband went on a diet: vegetable soup or a salad before every meal, waaaaay more salad than meat and no carbs after lunch, cut back on sugar, read labels at the grocery store, carry my own mid morning/ afternoon snacks. It was tough at first, we felt we were always hungry and had to fight it with some tricks (fruit + non fat yogurt, some chia seeds, etc.). In the end I've reached my goal and lost 25lb (I was never obese but I'm short and those 5/ 10 lb wouldn't go away!). My husband lost 20lb and needs to lose some more.

Thing is - and that's why I too firmly believe that most fat people are not sick, they just overeat - my mother in law is constantly on a diet and she never loses weight because she lacks the discipline. My husband and his brother are both nervous eaters. My parents always taught me to eat what you need; when we first started dating he was shocked at how small the portions were at my home and I was appalled at his mom's huge trays of food.

So yes, I believe example is key but we can't put aside factors like exposure to shitty food (and we're bombarded by ads and bright lights). And the pituituititty gland, that bitch.
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