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Finally caught up, in large part thanks to Chemda getting married and having hours of shoveling to do this winter. Which means, I can now sporadically comment on show notes and feel somewhat timely.

I think the hard-core "free speechers" are missing a key part of the First Amendment. Specifically, they're missing its first words: "Congress shall make now law." The courts have interpreted this to mean that the government shouldn't do anything to abridge freedom of speech (or interfere with religion, assembly, etc.) not that nobody can do anything to prevent another person from speaking.

There is nothing illegal or anti-American about a corporation firing someone who says something it doesn't like. Why should the company bear the burden of its employees speech? I don't eat chick fil a because I think its owners are a bunch of bigots. I shouldn't have to eat there because they are entitled to say whatever they want. Let's assume that these frat boys from Oklahoma were employed. I'd be all for their employer firing them. Mostly because I wouldn't patronize their employer if these bozos continued working there. And their employer should do thinks that allows it to make money. If we say that they should be free from consequence because of freedom of speech, then shouldn't the employer be free from the same consequence? And if so, shouldn't that mean that I have to (or we all have to) support that employer? Which in turn, would mean that I would have to adopt and support speech I disagreed with. It's all silly. The First Amendment deals with government action. You can't be put in jail for saying something stupid/mean/racist/whatever (dangerous/threatening is a whole different story).

If you want to support everyone's right to make an ass of themselves (or say whatever they want to say) without repercussion, go ahead, but that means you have to watch both Fox News and MSNBC all day and must shop at Walmart and your local farm stand for vegetables. It's all silly goose. The government can't stop you from talking, but I don't have to buy what you're selling and your boss can fire you (assuming you don't work for the government).
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