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Originally Posted by Electric Squirrel View Post
It seems offensive for that listener to compare fat to gay or race. Being fat is like being a smoker. Its a choice/addiction. Just like smoking you know you shouldn't but you feel like you can't change, but you can. Sure its hard, and there can be more to it mentally than JUST quitting, but the fact is its something unhealthy you do to yourself like an intoxicant, if you want to that's your choice. But the truth is that no "Big Bones" are 300lbs.
I just made three weeks without a cigarette after having been a smoker for twenty years. Next up, the gym!

I don't think the aids tweet is as bad as the tweets that were essentially sexual harassment directed towards a specific person. Those gross fucks deserved to lose their jobs. I'm sure they've said shitty things to women before so guess what, you gotta go hard to learn your lesson, then you go hard. Fuck 'em.
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