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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I keep tabs on Facebook about the girl who took mine. She HAPPENS to be an absolute mess now...
Lol. Gotta love Facebook.

I stumbled across Katie's FB page a few years back. A thousand years ago in Michigan, she was the early developed body/ pretty face, zero self esteem, fellow 9th grader, gracious enough to take my virginity.

We started talking again on Facebook. Catching up. She now had 3 kids and was married to Brandon, (the shithead jock who used to kick my ass and call me dirty hippie). Nice.

I did, (what I always do with old Michigan friends) and told her if she ever traveled out west to stop by. I'd show her some hot springs/ cool spots etc

Oh. I forgot to mention. Katie, (who had always been that special kind of skinny, that makes big tits appear even bigger) had ballooned to what appeared to be 200 pounds. That's a 'me being nice' guess-timate. She confessed she hated her husband and missed me. We had never even dated, but she remembered how nice I was.

So yeah. As an acne ridden/ awkward teen, (who never felt cool) it's kinda great to see people from high school, (once so attractive and athletic) now fat and ugly, living out a white trash existence. It just feels right.
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