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"Do I go to the show?"

Do I go to the show Are you fuckin' kiddin' me??? OF COURSE YOU GO TO THE SHOW!!! YOU ALWAYS GO TO THE SHOW. What the fuck is this, communist China??? No. This is America. There is no curfew. There's nobody whose got ya by the balls. You take that ticket and you go.

As I get older, I notice more an more people, not making the show. It's been a long day. They got kids and need sitters. They got an early morning at work tomorrow. Let me say this about that.

LIVE MUSIC, (especially kickass/ must see/ legends like Fleetwood Mac) are important. It's important you go see live music. The minute you stop enjoying music; is when you stop enjoying life, quit fucking, and die.

So yeah. YOU GO TO THE SHOW!!!
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