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Street Fighter 2 women? Keith stop it. Don't name drop video games, you fake nerd! (JK, I know you're a total dork)

But not all cosplayers are booth babes. Some are just Art Nerds who spend hours and hours making costumes to dress like their favorite video game characters. Some of them are even sexy as hell while they do it.

Here's a sexy cosplayer who makes all his costumes using shit art shit he buys from working at a nail salon.

(I just wanted to post pics of a hot dude)

Re: The poll
I have never cum onto food to mess with anyone but 3 temp jobs ago I was working for a company that was being shut down by the parent conglomerate. I was basically hired to put all their shit into boxes that were being sent to a warehouse. After being there for weeks I had boxed up 4 rooms of filing cabinets and filled this closet space with about 80 boxes of material I was told they wouldn't need again. Of course that was a lie and I often had to go in and move a ton of boxes around to get to one particular file that was ALWAYS at the bottom of a stack. One day afternoon I forgot what brought it on, either the boxes were finally being sent back or I was about to end my time there but I decided to cum all over one of the packing labels before I put it back in the box. I did and I remember before I ended my temp time there one of the Real Workers had to go through the box and I giggled when they pulled out the jizz paper

oh, so I guess I should vote for out of revenge and anger?

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