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I'd like to see the following poll:

Is it possible to be pro-trans AND think Fallon Fox, (on some level, no matter how small) has an unfair advantage?

When a person announces they identify as another gender that change should be instant in our minds. As for the actual biology, this takes time. We know that Female to Male trans don't go full operation. Mostly because the procedure or science isn't in.

Unless we have concrete evidence that the biology of a trans woman is completely altered, (with no lingering male traits/ advantages) I have to assume that common sense combined with all the MMA people who are talking about how unfair this is, (not only unfair, but brutal - Fallon has made an absolute mess of her opponents) I have to say that I'm pro-trans, pro-Fallon living as a woman, but too much evidence points to her not fighting as one.

It sounds awful, but so is an unfair advantage. ESPECIALLY in a competition as absolutely fucking brutal, as MMA.

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