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Originally Posted by Eric M View Post
We're talking about maintaining the integrity of competition. Not about this persons life struggle.
I agree with this. I was curious how other sports have responded and found this wiki page for marathons
Marathon World Record

It is clear that a male body has a physical advantage with their world record being 10% better. I like that IAAF has a separate world record for trans gender.

With trans gender people feeling society is more accepting (which is a good thing) more will begin competing. If we don't dealt with this in a fair manor it's possible all woman's world records for all sports become dominated with trans gender people in the top 5 for each. This would be unfair and likely cause a backlash against trans gendor people because people thought with their hearts instead of minds.

I can't speak for trans gender people but I'm guessing they wouldn't want this either and prefer a separate ranking division.

I think most people get hung up by thinking we are saying "Your not a true women". This isn't Keith's argument at all. Of course a trans gender is a true woman. But their body is different in an unfair competitive way.

Let's say a male had a leg injury and received a robotic replacement that allowed him to consistently jump 10% further than anyone else in the Olympics. He of course would not be allowed to compete with regular body males and nobody would think this an attack or segregation based on anything other than fair competition. He is still 100% a male in mind and thought. Just not body.

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