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Originally Posted by John Harvey View Post
The most interesting thing about today's show was that Danny is 6'2". Wtf. Posture, man, get some.

Hearing Keith and Chemda argue with all their nonscience was fruitless though. Three thoughts - I think Chemda is defensive about this understandably because of her relationship with Lauren. I think that Keith needs to learn when to drop something because based on the room, he totally lost this argument. I think that both genders should be able to fight each other anyway but the gals should be able to go for eyes and ball-shots to make up for the fact they could be KO'd in one hit by BIG STRONG MAN.

But back to the important issue - Danny needs to stand up straight.
I'm 5'10. Chemda is wrong when she says I am the same size as Keith. I think technically that makes her sexist.
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