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The argument between Keith and Chemda over the transgender MMA fighter is an uncomfortable one to listen to. It starts off debating fact and opinion and devolves unneccesarily into one about Keith's prejudices and Chemda's bias rather than identifying blank spots in each others scientific understanding.

Ronda Rousey's comments from the previous episode were completely dismissed by Chemda. Many medical professionals agree with the points Ronda raised, the argument should be how comprehensive the UFC guidelines are. Hormone replacements aren't enough.

Also, the women's division is the UFC is relatively new and the UFC are more interested in having more fights and match-ups, than exact biological fairness.

There is a point at which transgender women should be allowed to compete in the women's division. In my opinion we don't know enough about the body to get to that point yet (but we should be able to get to a point that's more reasonable). It may require genetic simulation to ascertain what would be different about that persons skeletal frame if they had've undergone female puberty.

Chemda won the argument with Keith but I don't think she appreciates how complicated the human body is and how many attributes you would have to consider to distinguish between natural advantage from male puberty and genderless natural advantage specific to that person.

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