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Even though I'm still on the your side of the Fallon Fox argument Keith, if this ep was a round of a fight a referee would have had to save your ass from the beating Chemda was dishing out.

Luckily Farah was there to step in, because your desperate deflections and dismissals were real white belt shenanigans. By the end it was like she was doing that bigger brother thing of holding your wrists and making you hit yourself. "Why are you punching yourself Keith? Stop punching yourself in the face Keith. Why would you do that to yourself?"

Originally Posted by marykae View Post
You would never tell a woman who was born with a genetic advantage that she can't play with the other girls because she's too strong/tall/fast/pretty. Except that's exactly what you are doing. It's really very simple. This woman was born with the ability to get stronger than many other women (many, not all). That's it. That's all.
I can dig it. It's no secret that Africans and Polynesians have athletic advantages over honkies. For one, to bring up an area that's been yapped about in this argument, they have significantly greater bone density than whites, to the point where the bone density of whiteboys is closer to the bone density of African women than African men. In fact between about 40 and 50 years old white men and African women have roughly the same bone density.

To be clear, what I'm saying is that 40 year old white men should be allowed to fight black women.

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