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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
How can you not laugh at two bananas talking to a turd????

Oh that's right, you're German...
I believe the Germans do something much more self-satisfying than laugh at that situation.

FYI - here's a joke going around the interwebs. I bet that if the roles were reversed, the situation would have been much different. I can't imagine a woman taking a full kick to the face from a man or woman and just laughing it off. However, we'd still laugh at the clip.

EDIT: Let the record show that I have been hit directly in the face by 1 man, 3 women, 1 baseball, and 1 steering wheel. At 6'2" and 230-290 pounds at the times, I can say that all 6 hits surprised me. However, only the man (busted open my cheek), baseball (broke my glasses, split my cheekbone, and busted open my cheek), and steering wheel (broke my glasses, split my cheekbone, busted open my cheek, broke my neck, and gave me a concussion) physically hurt me. All three direct hits to the face from ladies resulted in them bending over in agony from the pain in their arms. I did not deserve any of the 6 hits, and the only person I ever hit back was the man that tried to rob the store I was working at.

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