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Originally Posted by FingerLakes View Post
I still disagree but I think her point was understandable and that she wasn't just arguing for arguing's sake as some in this thread seem to think
She keeps asserting that she has presented facts and that Keith has yet to refute them, but mostly they are not facts because we do not have them. (I mean, science doesn't and we, as in us here, definitely do not have them.) At best she is applying things she knows about transgender therapy to a context that, as far as anyone knows, it doesn't apply to. So yes, understandable as in I comprehend what she is saying, but not understandable in a broader way as in she doesn't understand what's she's talking about because she can't because no one does.

And in the absence of facts, MMA has decided to err on the side of not being sued and us talking about it endlessly and that is understandable.

Really the only question here is one of belief and that argument never ends.

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