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Originally Posted by marykae View Post
You guys. I got so frustrated discussing this in the last thread that two people had to tell me they wanted to cum on my face in order to get me to calm down (I like it when people remind me we are having fun, however they have to do that).

However, I just wanted to post my opinion on this clearly and concisely so it's on record in this thread as well.

You would never tell a woman who was born with a genetic advantage that she can't play with the other girls because she's too strong/tall/fast/pretty. Except that's exactly what you are doing. It's really very simple. This woman was born with the ability to get stronger than many other women (many, not all). That's it. That's all.

If you need me now, I will be lurking in the thread trying really hard not to respond/repeat myself.
I support her feelings that she's a woman, socially I think we can all agree we should accept her as such. But biologically speaking she has not been for the vast majority of her life (including the most crucial development periods like childhood and puberty), so comparing her to other girls in a system which is ostensibly trying to match fighters as closely as possible seems unfair. Even if she has identical bone density and muscle structure you can't account for more nebulous aspects of testosterone that some guys have like the mental makeup that can turn them into competitive blood-hungry maniacs (I've never heard a woman threatening to eat babies like Tyson, for instance). Hormones are a hell of a thing, but we aren't at the point where we know the entire impact of them on the human body, and there isn't any evidence I know of that says 7 years of estrogen completely erases 30 years of development with testosterone. Is there?

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