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Originally Posted by Jo_Culprit View Post
From what I've read, Fallon has received a lot of criticism because she appears to be smashing her opponents with strength rather than skill. Though this is the same criticism has been levelled at Cyborg (though perhaps not as loudly).
More than that, she absorbs the initial barrage that everyone fighting her seems to think they need to come out of the gate with, then they tire themselves out and she can dismantle them or just knock them out (or in the case of Tamikka Brents, smash her orbital bone, the long term effects of which we don't yet know.) She's not a bad fighter, but she isn't great either. She can outlast people a decade or more younger than she is, some that are bigger than her even, because she can take hits than no other woman can. (Maybe Cyborg and Rousey can too. But they're better at not getting hit in the same way.)

We don't even fully understand how or why a person gets knocked out, so to know what effect having at some point been male might have on fighting women is impossible.

The anecdotal evidence is: you can get hit on the button over and over and not go down and you can punch people's eyes out.
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