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Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
With all the talk about the MMA transgender discussion I wonder where the crew would fall on this topic.

A transgender man wants to be on the cover of Mens Health. He is leading in the votes right now and might make it. Is it okay when the gender competition goes from woman towards man instead of a man transitioned to a woman?

Meet Aydian Dowling, The Trans Hunk Aiming For A ?Men?s Health? Cover - The Daily Beast
I agree with Keith on this one no one going to get physically hurt. On the issue of my thoughts of it being same situation as the Fallon debate. Lets say a transgender male wanted to compete in the MMA. That's easy for me. Obviously it's up to him in that situation but I wouldn't want to watch him fight the natural males. There would b way to much of a disadvantage for him. I couldn't get into watching that.
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