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Originally Posted by Irobeth View Post
Just quoting the wiki on this:
Vilain, who worked with the Association of Boxing Commissions when they wrote their policy on transgender athletes, was also quoted by Time as saying that, to be licensed, transgender female fighters must undergo complete "surgical anatomical changes ... including external genitalia and gonadectomy" (see sex reassignment surgery) and a minimum of a subsequent two years of hormone replacement therapy, as two years is "the current understanding of the minimum amount of time necessary to obviate male hormone gender related advantages in sports competition". When asked if Fox could, nonetheless, be stronger than her competitors, Vilain replied that it was possible, but noted that "sports is made up of competitors who, by definition, have advantages for all kinds of genetics reasons", and said that it would be discriminatory to treat Fox differently than other athletes with potential genetic advantages.

Time also noted that, as she has neither testicles nor ovaries, Fox probably has lower testosterone levels than most of her competitors.Fox says that she has less strength and endurance than her female training partner, and that she has to make up for it by perfecting her technique.
This is Chemda's point.
This post has done the best job at explaining Chemda's point in detail so far.

So it also says in the paragraph, 'to obviate male hormone related gender advantages'. This is what they've achieved, but the criticism is that that isn't sufficient from a mechanical point of view. Vilain is a geneticist not a researcher in biomechanics.

Also, Vilain is quoting predictions of how Fallon Fox should perform post hormone therapy and how Fox would have to rely on skill more than strength and endurance. In the actual fights however, the result has been reported as the opposite.

You have raised great and key points but the only thing that would convince me personally is statistical trials of the performance of transgender women in different sports post surgery compared to a benchmarked distribution of women in the same sport born with a female body. Otherwise Vilain's remarks are just speculation with the actual results in the ring appearing contrary to what he's predicting.

I think there is a point where Fallon Fox should definately be competing, but I think more analysis needs to be done before that point. That should also open up the path for more transgender women to compete in combat sports.

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