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Originally Posted by KOUNTRY View Post
If your asking why doesn't she fight her now or why didn't she back when she made the comments well that's easy. Fallon fox is not now nor was she then in the ufc. You can't just say hey there I am Fallon fox had few fights kicked some ass now let me fight the champ in a organization I am not even apart of ooh and I am transgender. You got to pay ur dues.
She brought that up in response to her seeking a UFC deal, though. She said she wouldn't fight her unless the UFC insisted.

Originally Posted by Fallon Fox
"They may throw all kinds of backwards, bogus bone density or bone structure arguments in it to possibly save face if they lose — because they sense that people are ignorant on bones within sport, but at least some of them are the real deal in the way of fighting."
I'm not saying her reasoning is or isn't valid, just that if she's confident she'd knock her out, why is this an issue?

If the UFC does force her, and she happens to lose, she's on record protesting it as an unfair advantage.

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