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A lot of people are getting my side wrong.

Below is the copy/paste of an email I sent to someone who emailed saying that basically he thinks I'm siding with trans people because of heart and not facts.

This is not just sympathy.

I am still learning about what "transitioning" really is. How much does it affect a person. I don't know why you can be so confident in saying that someone can't fully transition physically into someone who can compete with the top-ranked women in her field. I'm asking because I don't have the authority to tell you either way. I just think it's weird that you can dismiss the option based on SOME facts.

Essentially, we are speaking through the same ignorance of guess work. Even doctors are learning new things.

I googled "do some races have heavier bone density?" and this was the first result:

That doesn't mean it's 100% true BUT should we not let black women fight white women if it is? Or should we think about this a LITTLE?

Can we at least agree that it's so new that we should all take some time to think instead of going with what we think we know fully? Maybe ask a doctor? Maybe ask somemone who has transitioned?
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