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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
that's why you let each sport set up its own policies specific to its own metric of advantage. and maybe a trans athlete organization could be coalesced to kind of keep tabs on the big picture and make suggestions, provide experience/info, what have you for everyone to use as a central resource.
It will happen one day probably soon. Unfortunately for Fallon not soon enough for her as she is close to 40 if not older by now. She did get conversation going for others though. And it appears Dana white head of ufc doesn't have a problem with transgender women fighting as long as they are cleared and good enough. In Fallon foxes case unfortunately she was no where near good enough when she started at age 35. She had only two fights at the time and they where against two women who had never won a fight, and then said she wanted in the ufc and wanted to fight the champ. That just does not happen broc lesnor I think was the one guy who didn't have to fight that many fights before going into ufc but he was a beast who was famous in professional wrestling and a Olympic wrestler. But even he had to prove himself to Dana white.
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