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Keith, what would it take for you to have your gay catholic brother on an ep of My Name is Keith? I think that's a podcast the world needs to hear. Or maybe its just me.

I disagree with every negative thing said about Sandra Bullock. She is a saint and god's gift not just to comedy, but to humanity. I loved the melodrama of the Blindside and watching her cry with her flawless but slightly Pinocchio-ish face, beautifully, in the side room. Ditto for the shade at Goddess Celine Dion

I didn't do any actual reading on this Gwenyth Paltrow story. I read the headlines of all the shit people posted on facebook on it and listened to these eps but I assumed from the beginning that the point of any celebrity doing this was to point out how fucking unfeasible it is to live a healthy life on welfare and to bring the focus on that for political reasons. Assuming that it wasn't and she's just doing shit because she was tagged on twitter like an old woman getting a chain-letter then why are we paying her any attention? We know she still has more money than she should for her level of talent and ability to wear wigs, and that shes completely out of touch with real life.

Fuck gay Iceman. All of those past Xmen can go kick rocks. The REAL Jean Grey is still dead, having died for our sins AGAIN, and Marvel can throw whatever glitter they want to on the team to make us give a toss but nah. Pass. I'll wait for Jean to return as she always does.
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