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Originally Posted by OnmyojiOmn View Post
Hopefully I don't regret posting this.

I'm a dude. I started masturbating in the third grade too, but I didn't know what it was. During recess I would go to one of those poles in the playground area that you climb up and slide down. I'd climb the pole and the muscle contractions in my groin would feel more and more amazing. When I got near the top I'd start to climax, hold onto the pole, and ride it out.

I'd do this every recess. I wasn't ashamed of it but nobody else was doing it so I never told anyone about it. I think it's kinda funny that I was basically masturbating up in the air in front of a hundred grade school kids. I discovered my penis like a year later but even then my technique was something I've never heard of anyone else doing.
Quoted in case you really regret the post and pull a piffo

A few points:
1) That seems like a lot of work for a wank.
2) You didn't discover your penis until 4th grade??? That seems rather late to discover a critical appendage.
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