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People need to knock it off with this "worst guest" bullshit. There were three people on mic. If you're complaining, you're complaining about the WHOLE show. The whole free show.

You get on the forums and complain about "worst guests" because you think it's Keith, Chemda, and you versus the new challenger. You think being on their team makes you different from the horde of people mouth-shitting on every other piece of free content on the internet. It doesn't. Just say "I didn't like this guest because..." or "I didn't like this episode because..." and if you sound like That Guy then you are That fucking Guy.

I thought the episode was pretty hectic, and the phone thing was rough. That said, Sabrina is fun and I hope she's more comfortable if/when she's on again. Believe me, my "worst guest" will be someone I don't comment on at all because I know that Keith and Chemda are aware it was a shitshow.
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