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Originally Posted by Professor Subterfuge View Post
I couldn't understand the advice she gave Chemda. Did she really suggest watching some tv show would solve crazy fundy religious parental problems?
THAT's what bummed me out. We've listened to Chemda struggling with her parents' acceptance for ten years. We listened to her multiple attempts to mend the relationship until she accepted that she wouldn't change her parents. She cried multiple times, in pain, over her parents' attitudes, on air, exposing feelings that would run deep for any person.

And then, someone who had a different experience and doesn't know Chemda's story comes along and goes "Hey, 40 year old who finaly doesn't give a shit, give it another go, won't ya? Some parents love their children. Mine do!".

Sabrina wouldn't show empathy towards Chemda. Maybe I'm wrong and she was lovely off air but within the context of the episode Sabrina came across as self involved.

So, in the spirit of being constructive, yes, the show had three people in it but I felt that the guest was frankly annoying and I was feeling the frustration in one of the hosts' voices, so I couldn't get over it enough to enjoy this episode.
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