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Originally Posted by Thumbnail View Post
Sabrina wouldn't show empathy towards Chemda. Maybe I'm wrong and she was lovely off air but within the context of the episode Sabrina came across as self involved.

So, in the spirit of being constructive, yes, the show had three people in it but I felt that the guest was frankly annoying and I was feeling the frustration in one of the hosts' voices, so I couldn't get over it enough to enjoy this episode.
I think Sabrina did try to be empathetic but not with an appropriate amount of understanding, given the circumstances.

She had a very normal response. I'm not saying it's right, but people always give advice based on their own experiences without understanding just how difficult it is for the person they're talking to. We know Chemda's situation inside and out because we listen to the show every day. A lot of guests don't do that. They think, because they can speak to their parents about something, everyone else can do the same thing with their own parents. It doesn't mean they're a bad person. Just someone who has to learn a few things.

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