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Originally Posted by seamus View Post
There are by some estimates as many atheists in Islam majority regions as there are in the U.S. We don't tend to know it because they keep quiet and it doesn't gel with our broad vision of what an individual there looks like.
There are tons of Afghans, Pakistani, and the like who disagree with their church/ mosques. But due to any form of dissent with the church being punishable with death they are kept quiet. So I ask you. Is that real community? Sounds more like a hostage crisis.

Just because religion and churches were a strong part of societies (whether it be in the deserts of the Middle East or the backwoods of Georgia) does not mean that they are relevant now. I'd argue the Internet is far better at connecting people and fostering community. Katg is a great example of this.

I disagree with Mattman. Religion does not dictate morality. It no longer brings people together. It is divisive. Primitive. Outdated. Thanks.
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