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129: Flying Solo

Wow! Hello, Danny Boys, Girls, AFABs, AMABs, Captain Ahabs, and Moby Dicks! Now, THIS is an exciting show. Don’t believe me? Well maybe you’ll believe celebrity guest description writer Stephen Hawking. Take it away, sir!

“It’s the first-ever solo live Danny call-in show, a concept he was very much against at first, which he now regrets. Featuring calls from Rosa the babe neuroscientist (who is smarter than me, I’ll admit it!), Lauren ‘Use Code HENNY’ Hennessy, Grif the baby murderer, Danny’s mom and stepdad, Cindy the black hat hacker, and many more, this show is one for the record books. A virgin expedition into uncharted waters soundtracked by Danny’s charming mumbling and stumbling all over the place, That’s the What with Who? is an unqualified success. Oh no, I’m running low on batteri”

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