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Finally! Let me tell you. This Danny Boy thought the day would never come! A TTSWD with some raw dog Danny. Live and uncut. With zero K or C adulterants. Good for you, sir. Well done.

Caller Cindy suggested you do this solo show once a month. I couldn't agree more. I think it's great you challenge yourself. You're really good off the cuff and riffing on callers. Some great calls too.

It's interesting when someone like Sparrow calls in, (someone you know) because it instantly put you at ease and smoothed the show out nicely. I hope you keep at this because for a first time run; damn near flawless.

I have to admit that I did miss Chemda's "That's the Show With Danny" intro. I don't know if that can be edited in or pre-recorded, but that's my only suggestion. As well as the monologue. But I dig the solo Danny. Solo = more Danny. I'm in.
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