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Originally Posted by indarkjoy View Post
Wow. For having such an interesting guest on the show, that ep. was a real disappointment. Maybe leave behind-the-scenes and HR issues for an ep. where you don't have a guest on? I feel bad for Frank, he came onto a comedy podcast, and instead gets to be a fly on the wall for an employment negotiation stuff.
You know this is how we do: from time to time serious things come up that I feel need to be addressed whether we have a guest scheduled or not. I didn't feel this could wait a week. I was going to talk about it with Ted Alexandro the following day, but then on the show, since Frank was talking about BEING A GHOSTWRITER, it seemed to fit perfectly.

I know you know KATG, but I'll explain it anyway: The guest is joining our show. They can say something or not, but it's real and it's raw and it's personal, and some days deep shit is gonna happen. If the guest wants to be all squirmy, then that's on them. Look what show you asked to be on.

I would LOVE to be a guest on a show with this personal drama exploding around me, are you kidding?

How can this NOT be interesting? Maybe confrontation makes you uncomfortable.

You have a HUAR tattoo. You don't think those robots are are gonna be confrontational?

You like KATG cause it's real. Woman up.
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