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Originally Posted by indarkjoy View Post
Keith, you are right, and I owe you and Chemda an apology. I re-listened to the episode and it made complete sense to bring up the issues with Frank there, and after listening to it a 2nd time, I was less uncomfortable as well, which I think was mostly the reason for my rush to comment so quickly, my own uncomfortableness and desire to hear more from Frank and less about Danny. I need to remember to hold in my comments until my 2nd listen. You'd think after 10 years I'd know this. You are right, I am wrong, I'm sorry.
HUAR and L'chaim!
That takes a sack and a half to write an response like that.

fucking 99/10

Normally I heap shit upon those who say sorry, but not in this case.

Well played, good sir/maam/xe/x64/etc, well fucking played.
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