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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
I don't get it. Explain, please.
Are you serious? All I am saying is that Keith and Chemda were entertaining before Danny and they will be after Danny. Danny IS the funniest intern in the history of the show and can make the jump from intern/assistant to writer/producer. (It was so frustrating for him to balk at that and say "you really want that"). Personally I hope that he accepts and moves forward and in future is more mature about things that bother him, he currently has a great vehicle to work on his craft and get feedback, a really ideal situation for a comic.

I think that part of Danny's frustration is not only the perceived lack of recognition, but also I think he thinks he can only be so funny so he wants some things for himself. Hopefully he will understand that he just needs to keep exercising that comedy muscle and he will be strong like bull.
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