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Originally Posted by roiktpowerweasel View Post
I could be very off base here but this situation seems similar to the teacher, student dynamic.

My observation is that Keith is initially in the role of the teacher. His intention is never to steal a joke, he knows Danny is helping the show and Keith's intention is to help both by crafting an idea and releasing its potential, showing what can be done with the raw thought. This was not a problem when Danny was in an intern role, he felt that he was learning and was content. Danny has blossomed, he has a fantastic show and is positively contributing to the KATG network both creatively and financially through VIP.

From what I can gather Danny is getting financial credit now but not necessarily a creative one. The dynamic between Keith and Danny is awkward because there is mutual respect but it is difficult to go from mentor/student to boss/employee. I imagine it is a difficult progression to go from fan to intern to employee, for all concerned.

Just a thought.

Keith and Chemda, I have had a silent appreciation of all you have done over the years. Your show has been a much needed constant through some difficult times.

Danny my love of your show grows with every episode. It is an honour to be able see you develop your craft, never doubt your contribution.

Fuuuuuuuck you, lurker! Welcome to the forums.
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