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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
There's something really freeing about peeing in the park. Fucking in the park, even more so, but that freedom can come at a cost. But it's only like a small fine.
As much as I love urinating outdoors, I've never peed in my park. And I've never actually made Danny pee in the park. I do love that Keith thought I had.

I suppose it's not too late. We have a collar. Just need to get a leash for it...

All that said, I do frequently pee between closely parked cars on my street when I'm drunkenly staggering home from the bar. I have a solid system in place: pop a squat and rest my ass on one of the bumpers. It Significantly reduces the risk of tipping over (learned the value of this the hard way), pissing all over your feet, and/or being caught.

And yes, sex outdoors is fucking great.
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