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Originally Posted by craigdw View Post
Danny didn't ask me to do this. I swear. He's no Patrice, this guy.
I'm just a fan, and think the man is a good-hearted funny person. Along with Keith and Chemda, he makes my days more enjoyable. Recently he had a computer vs. water mishap and his computer went kablooey. Writing is this guy's life!. Wouldn't it be nice if we, his loyal Danny Boys (and girls), could chip in $20 or so each to get him a shiny new laptop? I think so. If you do too, click on this link below, which will (hopefully, if I've done this right) take you to Danny's PayPal donate page.

Thanks. Craig from Cleveland, Danny Boy forever
Apparently making links to it is tricky If the link doesn't take you to Danny's donate page, just go to PayPal and send money to him using his email - It's simple.
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