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Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'm fucking IN it. Dreamt about it last night. Goal is to fuck everyone I can before settling down with my punk rock elf bitch (as a female elf, i have the most options what what).
That game is so right. I played it for well over 100 hours and wrung every last bit of side questing out of it that I could. Now the DLC is out and I'm like OH SOLAS but I don't know if I can bring myself to go back.

I just started the Witcher 3 and mother of fucks it's brilliant. I finished the second one a few days ago. It was a great game, but this is like...just unbelievable. There are side quest characters that you spend five minutes with that other games could (and probably would have) built an entire game around. Like the hunter who helped me track down a griffin and shared his super-intense story with me because I took a moment to sympathize with him. He fell in love with a local noble's son, but they were found out and his lover ended up killing himself, causing the noble father to become a huge dick towards all of his subjects and cast out the hunter to live on his own in the forest. All of this could have been missed if not for my comment in passing. Jaysus. This game is going to consume my life.
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