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Originally Posted by littlp View Post
While there have been times I wished I was closer to my siblings, I never want to be as close as Rosa and her brother are. I never want to be around anything sex related around my family. Maybe it's the Catholic thing; I was cringing hard at her recap of her adventures in Europe. Pray tell, when the chick stuck her banana in her twat, did you at any point just think, hell no I'm not doing this, I'm going to leave? Crazy crazy crazy!!!!!
it's probably the Catholic thing. we were raised without religion. and with a very healthy attitude toward sex. I feel really grateful that my brother and I have a close relationship. it's nice to have him as a friend and family. we got to bro out all over europe and know that we'd always have each other's trust and support.

and yes, we tried to shake our heads "no", but she was very encouraging (pushy even), plus there was a lot of momentum on stage. and honestly, I tend to take a very strong "yes and" approach to life. it was 100% worth it for the story.

ALSO. I met Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) a couple months later (long story) and on our late night McDonald's run he starts telling me and my roommate about how he was just in amsterdam... my roommate cuts in to tell him how I was just there too and how I ate a banana out of this stripper's vajay. He turns around wide-eyed and grinning and exclaims that he'd done the same. I asked him which club. "Casa Rosso." I then pulled out the keychain I'd purchased at the club to commemorate the occasion and we were thrilled to discover that we had both eaten a banana out of the same woman's vagina, probably within a couple weeks of each other. So... me and Girl Talk are effectively Eskimo Brothers.
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