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Originally Posted by Eric M View Post
Did I say boyfriends?

Edit: for the record I love you and think you're awesome. Just seems like you've been pretty quick lately to throw out there that most men suck in bed. I've had more women than not give lame blowjobs and just lie there not doing much but I don't go around saying women suck in bed. I guess it's like you said it's just easier for me to get the job done. Comes off a little weird to me that's all.

Then women suck too sometimes.

I'm saying that in most cases sex is over when the dude is done and that is and has been a huge reason why women don't enjoy a lot of their sexual encounters.

If you tell me that it's as same for you and that the men that you know complain about women being terrible then I'll believe you.

Maybe my partners should have cared more than they did. Why not feel bad for ME for being a cum dumpster of sorts?

(Love you too. Thanks for listening.)
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