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I completely understand this episode. In fact, I was taking down baseboards that one of my stressed out elderly cats kept pissing on plus cleaning the carpet due to the other elderly one having liquid diarrhea. I've had these two cats since 2000. They are so sweet and affectionate to me...I can't think about parting with them as they would be put down for sure. I've spent thousands of dollars on scent stuff, the cat urine remover, toys, cat tree, cat shelves on the wall (we own our house), 2 cat water fountains multiple vet visits. We have five cats now, used to have 6, one died. I started off with one, Rainbow. I had her since I was in middle school. When she started chewing the hell out of her b a skied, I freaked out and took her to the vet. She got a steroid shot which made her super lethargic , like, couldn't walk lethargic. I called off for two days from my internship, set up a blow up mattress downstairs and was with her 24/7, carrying her to the litter box and hand feeding her food. When she died, I took two days off.

So yes, I related to this episode way too much. I know I'm crazy...but I know what I can and cannot live with; people thinking I'm crazy is nothing new.

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