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Is it more injury though? Do you really feel this way? Or is it more of like a conditioned response? Recognizing that you, (as a caring person) would do. You'd do the good and right thing. Be tactful. Show respect.

I'm not trying to be cold or uncaring here. I just want to point out the following.

Corporations. Are not. People.

Here in the States, we started an endless mess declaring corporations have rights. some sneaky lawyer made an argument for Corporate Personhood. So now we're stuck dealing with these gigantic, bottom -line, profit first/ people last, behemoths running around. Being treated as constitutionally protected people! It's pretty much everything wrong with world today. From war profiteering, to controlling elections.

So. Let's quit pretending corporations care. They don't. They never did. They can't. They are strictly business. Profit first. People last. It's who they are.
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