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The chick with the semen in her eye probably just had to go over one room to request a rape kit, she was already in the ER. Probably the best place to have someone unknowingly jizz on your face so.. that worked out.

I've sent pics but only to boyfriends. I've gotten pics from boyfriends and casual dates. This model went over the top considering they weren't monogamous. The guest was clearly shaming. I have better things to do than have women send me pics of their tits. Doing nothing but sending/getting pics is one end of the spectrum. If you have never had a girlfriend send you a pic of her tits while you were at work/unable to see her, then I feel bad for you. Has he never had phone sex either? Its not an either/or. You can get sexy pics AND have sex.
"Uh, that'll be $14 for the tickets for the babies."
"Oh no, no, no, they're just gonna cry. Just gonna come in here and weep."

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