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In regards to the groping topic, its one of those things that is so prevalent that part of growing up female is learning to walk in public while fielding any stray hands in your crotch.

My stories; for some background I was 9 years old at the time and before you ask.. No I wasn't a sexy kid:roll eyes:
I was in a Holy city with my family, on a religious pilgrimage. Sounds safe right? We were out shopping in the local souq area and little old me decided my favorite Spice Girls shirt would be appropriate to wear on this day out. Well turns out it wasn't, every two steps people were coming up to me and my grandma and yelling at us for letting me go out wearing a shirt with 'figures' on it. Yay religion.

Anywho in this crowd some guy just grabbed my crotch, like a full on hand scoop. My reaction was just to remove it but like Emily and Andrea said by the time you've reacted this person has faded into the crowd and it's not like I can kick up a fuss or bring it up to my family who wouldn't react positively anyway ( I come from a similar ethnic BG as Chemda , just raised with a different religion)
This lead me to become jaded with religion at that age because I was disgusted with the depravity I experienced at this "holy" city.

This happened a couple of times to me after that in crowded shopping areas, my mother never understood why I hated accompanying her to these places. While she haggled with the shopkeep (Keith's favorite ) , I'm standing there on high alert praying not to get groped.

I learned to walk with my senses on high, keep my eyes out for any creepy guys walking towards me etc. I've always counted myself as lucky for not getting raped. Because it seems like thats just a part of life for girls/women. Molestation and sexual assault is just a given and that makes me extremely frustrated but when people speak up about it they are just shamed and silenced ( look at the overwhelming denial of the Cosby accusers).

I'm thankful for shows like yours that speak about this issue at every level. You guys address this stuff from the random train grope to Pat Dixon level harassment and all the way up to Cosby rapes. So thank you! Maybe people will be less blind to it and we can rise up against these monsters.

I haven't told anyone this but my current SO but your discussion on this episode made me want to share. Thanks again for the open forum and being a place where discussions like this can happen.
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