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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
this seems precarious and even harder to accomplish alongside trying to keep the whole of our country from tanking. i watched people who did all the right things lose everything; from Katrina to the housing bubble. there aren't guarantees. i think it'll be part of the chip on our collective shoulders as millennials age.
I'm not claiming that it'll be easy or even that it's guaranteed to work. But using past traumas to validate the comfort of inaction hasn't really made Baby Boomers the greatest generation, and I see no reason why it will work for you and me.

Ultimately, a collective chip on our shoulders is more likely to end with more misery than with some kind of solution.

There have never been guarantees, and there never will be. It's still on us to use imperfect information to chart a course. There's no opting out. We'll go down a path one way or the other, and I'm calling shenanigans on the whole "win the lottery or buy a revolver" attitude toward retirement. Other generations' screw-ups don't give us carte blanche.
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