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I was meeting a group of friends a few years back, for drinks. The one friend who is always late was later than usual. When she showed up she told us this story:

Her train was stopped 2 stations away because the cops had to come arrest a guy. A short Mexican man was in her subway car and was either jerking off near a woman or rubbing his dick on her ass but she felt it and screamed at him and called him out, "YOU JUST HAD YOUR FUCKING DICK ON ME!" "What? No. No" "YES YOU FUCKING DID YOU CREEP" and the woman kept screaming and the conductor was called and they called the cops and by when the cops got there the guy was freaking out and crying and his only defense was "No don't arrest me. I love my family"

Now we use "I love my family" for any occurrence of someone being a fucking creep
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