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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
well, for me, it's more that i watched my Grandparents die with sharp minds inside decaying flesh. my Granny would break her spine just sitting up sometimes (severe osteoporosis). she looked at me right before she died, couldn't speak any more, but she looked at me with the one blue eye that still opened and i could tell she was still in there. i don't want that.

that living longer is a lot about loss. losing the ability to drive. to see. to do ones laundry. stand up. to have a decade or more of that? fucking nope.
Okay, but do you get to decide which decade of your life you start breaking down in? The people developing osteoporosis treatments and better hip replacements are still going to be grinding away for the next 40 years. Your old age will not be the same, and you may find that your quality of life as you age improves compared to that of your parents and grandparents, as it has for prior generations.

So in that situation, you're still SOL. Yeah, you may feel like checking out at 78 instead of 72, but you're still gonna need to figure out how to get to 78.
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